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Voicer Call Accounting

The Voicer Call Accounting System is the ultimate in professional call logging.

It collects and processes call detail records (CDR) to produce historical and real-time reports to help manage costs and isolate important network trends.

Designed as a scalable and easily expandable solution, Voicer Call Accounting provides call data that improves your organization's ability to make informed business decisions, with the flexibility to match your present and future business needs.

Our system provides easy integration with existing technology by including features such as simplified reporting, import/export capability, single and multi-switch configurations, built-in database, extensive security, system and call alerts, and more.

User Friendly Interfaces

System users, supervisor, and administrators will enjoy the user-friendly interfaces, operation and configuration of Voicer Call Accounting. LAN (or WAN) accesible searching, reporting, monitoring tools are made available to all authorized personnel.


- Service Billing Provisioning
- Departmental and Employee Chargeback
- Cost and Revenue Optimization
- Network Optimization
- Security and Compliance


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