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Voicer Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer technology is an emerging technology that helps businesses increase efficiency, sales and improve customer service.

Voicer Predictive Dialer (PD) automatically dials numbers based on the predicted availability of call center agents. It transfers the phone calls to an agent or operator when the call is answered by a live person. The agent will see a pop-up on their computer screen with information about the person they have called.

Voicer Predictive dialers is widely used when calling consumers to increase productivity. A predictive dialer can dramatically increase the time an agent spends talking rather than dialing and waiting by:Our Predictive dialing solutions can be matched to any business type: small or large, new or established, B2B or B2C calling, any industry, and any location.


Voicer Predictive Dialer (PD) can improve business processes in several ways.
The primary benefit of using Voicer system is that call or contact centre employees utilize time much more efficiently rather than wasting time while waiting for people to answer phone calls. They also don't encounter engaged lines, answering machines, fax machines, modems or out-of-service numbers. Staff can thereby focus on what is important: talking with existing or potential customers.

The following table illustrates how staff typically spend time in a conventional call or contact centre versus a centre that has implemented predictive dialing technology:

ActivityConventional Call CentreCall center with Voicer PD
No Answer, or immature termination40%-
Fax, modem or answering machine20%-
Busy signal5%-
Number out-of-service5%-
Call queuing-20%
Connect with person30%80%

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