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With its leading-edge technology and architecture, Voicer™ Text Messenger offers secure and reliable text messaging. It can handle high-volume of messaging and allow transmission or receipt of text messages momentarily.


Access and Input

The access and input interfaces provide ‘log on’ entrance into the system. Integration with third party systems - partial or complete - is done through web interfaces for application level deployment.

Administration and Storage

All the administration and maintenance of Voicer Text Messenger is done through its easy to use web-based, -secure and authorized- interfaces. All of the operations are mainly done with a mouse-click. Immediately after the necessary information is uploaded to the system, it creates records in the system database and locates the items in the message queue to be processed promptly.

Delivery of Text Messages

The robust architecture of Voicer Text Messenger ensures that all the messages are confirmed of delivery. Whether the delivery is automated or scheduled, The Voicer dispatches the messages in a timely manner. Easily accessible reports and lists allow the authorized users to monitor and obtain relevant data instantly.

Technological Highlights
Deployment and Modularity
CRM, Billing Applications and Financials

The Billing and Financial integration with customer or Billing services can be easily deployed through Voicer Text Messenger’s Billing Engine(s) and relevant applications such as financials. The Modular CRM and ERP applications can be included in the standard system as desired.


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