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Today's rapidly changing telephony, internet and telecommunication environment makes the task of satisfying clients and maximizing revenues ever more challenging. The need for fast time-to-market, brand protection and development, and constant improvements in ROI (risk on investment), drive operators to seek innovative best practices to maximize operational efficiencies and develop creative end-user services that create customer loyalty.

DB Streams Professional Services are uniquely equipped to implement and support our total communication solution portfolio. Our comprehensive set of Professional Services synergize DB Streams products, solutions, best-practice methodologies, service offerings and third-party components helping you to achieve and maintain best-in-class telecommunication solutions.

Please select the services offered from the following portfolio:

» »     OrderCARE, Order Taking & Fulfillment Solution

» »     Cellular Long Distance

» »     Preferred Long Distance

» »     Text Messaging

» »     Systems Integration & Implementation

» »     Maintenance & Support

» »     Database Consulting

» »     Software and Web Development


  Voicer SUITE



Our customers can choose from specific, pre-packaged and fixed-price engagements to customized, flexible and strategic consulting projects. Our ability to deliver a total solution makes us uniquely qualified to earn your business.

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» »   Voicer SUITE

Complete Customer Relation Management solution with simplified accounting, ERP, and ticketing.
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» »   Text2talk ™

Long distance anywhere in North America for 5ómin, from your cellphone.
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» »   Viatext ™

Text Messaging solutions for enterprises.
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