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Preferred Long Distance

DB Streams offers flexible and flat rates on long distance services based on your call usage. Whether you place calls within your Province, Canada, North America or International, we can certainly customize a plan or a solution to meet your calling needs.

Canada & USA 1 Cent / min ONLY.. No contracts. No fine-prints.

DB Streams simplifies your life by offering easy to understand flat rate plans. All you have to do is choose one that best fits your needs. You can always change your plan at any time if your account profile needs change.


Sign up for an account and simply order a preconfigured LDA (Long Distance Adaptor), $70 free shipping worldwide. Connect LDA to the internet and a standard (or cordless) telephone of your own. That's all. Start making calls immediately.

Through Our LDA, you and your family members can make calls at the same time.
No need to wait up! You can connect two telephones to our LDA extremely easily.

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