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Text Messaging as a Service

Among different messaging options, text messaging (SMS) has become very popular in this mobile era. A key design feature is its relative simplicity.

Whether your needs are domestic or global, our easy-to-use mobile messaging service, Viatext, can help you integrate your communications for a variety of strategic activities such as marketing, advertising, communicating with sales people remotely, or increasing the level of your customer service.

Voicer Text Messenger demostrates characteristics to meet the requirements for multi-tasking operations:At Viatext, we make text messaging simpler, convenient and cost effective. Our integrable text messaging are applied in several industries or fields, including:Text Messaging on Campuses

Cell phones have become prevalent on most places like college campuses. Most students use them as their primary phone to avoid changing phone service every year or dealing with university-based long-distance charges. Lately, most administrators have begun to deploy cell phone solutions to send emergency messages to students. Many believe that emergency text messaging systems will minimize the damage (specifically loss of life or injuries) in an emergency situation, including natural disasters.

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